About Fawnskin

Fawnskin, on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake, retains a turn-of-the-last-century, mountain-living charm with little more than 380 permanent residents. The town's commercial district sits at approximately 6,750 feet, rising to approximatly 7,200 for residential homes. The North Shore is also home to designated golden and bald eagle habitats.

The town as we know it today derives its name from "Fawn Skin" meadow nearly, two miles northwest of Grout Bay. Allegedly, the meadow got its name in 1891 when hunters killed several deer and stretched the hides on trees. Early cattle ranchers from flatland ranches used the meadow for summer grazing. Past Fawnskin names include Grout Bay, Bald Eagle Valley, Big Bear Village, Cline-Miller, and Oso-Grande. Fawnskin's name became official in 1925.

The original 1800s route into Big Bear that traversed Fawnskin from Green Valley eventually circled travelers across the east end, and then west into what is now Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake. Another means of crossing the lake involved an auto ferry operating from Moon Camp on the North Shore to Holloway's Camp on the South.

Fawnskin, an early stage stop in the 1800s, also served later tourists at several lodges, camps, and restaurants until the road crossing the dam to the South Shore was constructed in the 1920s. Fawnskin retains the special charm of its rugged, fun-loving, and independent spirited early settlers and visitors. The picturesque valley has always been a great attraction to vacationers who found the mountain environment a wonderful retreat from city life.

Several hundred homes are huddled in the forested mountainside. Gold miners, loggers and hunters scattered throughout the Holcomb Valley that was very active in the 1800s. We still celebrate this history with Old Miners' Days in July and August with parades, events, exhibitions, and chili cook-offs. Fawnskin hosts the hilarious Doo Dah Parade. Downtown Fawnskin has some of the oldest buildings in the valley. The original core of Fawn Lodge was built in 1917. The Pedersen Saw Mill lies just west of the lodge, the old post office lies to the east of it. Examples of bark-sided cabins still exist in Fawnskin.

The beautiful mountain scenery such a short drive from Los Angeles has made the area popular with film crews. Many films and TV shows have been shot up here, such as CSI, The X-Files, Bonanza, and even Gone With The Wind.

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